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The "Bauen und Modernisiern" trade fair is taking place this week and we are showing the Mirror Shaft live on site - in our show mobile. Visit us and be inspired about innovations around the home.

All experts around the home gathered

The "Bauen und Modernisieren" is the annual source of inspiration when it comes to new construction and remodeling your own home. From September 21 to 24, 2023, look forward to 120 first-class exhibitors, free expert lectures and extensive consulting opportunities on the topics of building, living and energy. Look forward to a diverse range of products and services on current trends and challenges relating to buildings.

Heliobus stand is directly in front of the entrance to the exhibition halls

As usual, you can find us at our outdoor booth in front of the entrance to the exhibition halls. We will present our showmobile on site and demonstrate the impressive before-and-after effect of the mirror shaft. We cordially invite you to visit us and receive advice from our experts on site.

Showmobile of the company Heliobus stands with open car door and two salesmen on the exhibition grounds of the Zurich trade fairs.

Experience live the before and after effect of the mirror shaft with us

In our showmobile we create the simulation of a cellar room showing two identical cellar shafts. One of them is covered with the conventional grating, while the other is lined with the innovative Mirror Shaft Heliobus® lining. Through a slider you have the possibility to control the incidence of light in both shafts. In this way, you can experience firsthand the impressive effect when darkness turns into bright daylight.

Heliobus The Daylight Company
Heliobus The Daylight Company
A salesman advises a couple at a company booth at a trade show.