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Noble light well cover instead of grating
Enhance your garden with high-quality cellar manhole covers from Heliobus® for more aesthetics and safety.
Glass cover for more daylight in basement - Glass Cover

light well cover made of chrome steel and bullet-proof glass

Replace your grating with a stylish light well cover from Heliobus® to enhance your garden or terrace. Each cover is made to measure and can therefore be fitted to any existing light well of any size. The high-quality materials ensure a sustainable and aesthetic solution. The corrosion-free chrome steel frame has ventilation slots that ensure sufficient fresh air supply in the basement. In addition, various options such as insect screens or privacy screens are available on request.



  • Custom-made chrome steel frame with inserted laminated safety glass (VSG)
  • Ventilation slots in the chrome steel frame for sufficient fresh air supply
  • Walkable in private areas
  • For insertion into the light well rebate or steel frame provided by the customer
Heliobus The Daylight Company

You also want daylight and view in basement?

The Mirror Shaft from Heliobus® directs daylight and sunlight into the basement, transforming it into living and working rooms as bright as day.

In addition to the light well cover, the patented mirror module from Heliobus® is also installed in your existing light well.

Daylight in basement thanks to Mirror Shaft from Heliobus

Numerous options

Equip your light well cover according to your needs.

Insect screen

Ventilation slots additionally covered with insect screen for less vermin and dirt in the shaft.

Slip resistance stripes

In the area of walkways, house entrances, etc., slip resistance is required and recommended in private areas.

- Very translucent slip resistance with fine stripe pattern.

- Slip resistance BFU tested: GS2, DIN 51130: R11.

Full-surface slip resistance

Suitable for public areas. In the area of walkways, house entrances, etc., slip resistance is required and recommended in private areas.

- Translucent slip resistance,

- VSG with full-surface rough surface

- Slip resistance BFU tested: GS3, or DIN 51130: R12.

Privacy screen
Accessibility in private areas

The option covers passability by passenger vehicles in the private sector.


The manhole cover offers you a variety of advantages in contrast to the grating:

Upgrading your property
Upgrading the garden
Increased burglar resistance
Less vermin
Retrofitting also possible in existing cellar shafts

Do you have any questions or would you like to make a price enquiry?

Simply send us the following details by e-mail info@heliobus.com:

- Dimensions: Length and width of the grating
- Photos of the situation now
- Address of the object



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