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Daylight is our passion
Heliobus® builds visionary with natural light: inspired by nature - solution-oriented for the future.
daylight for basement basement and dark rooms
Providing interiors with sufficient daylight has been the mission of Heliobus AG since its foundation. For 20 years, we have been guiding daylight to where it is needed, where people live and work. Our innovative solutions intelligently bring vital energy into dark, trapped rooms, basements or underground infrastructures. In this way, Heliobus meets the challenges of continuing urbanisation and the associated trend towards denser building. The innovative use of natural daylight in interior spaces brings well-being, enables the full utilisation of space and is a sustainable, energy-neutral and thus future-oriented project.
Heliobus The Daylight Company

Vision & History

Bringing daylight wherever people live and work - that is our vision. Heliobus has been perfecting the art of light reflection since 1996: mirror shafts, heliostats or reflective modules capture light rays and direct them exactly where they are needed.
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Our team

Small and family-owned in Eastern Switzerland, we are involved in construction projects throughout Switzerland, but also internationally. Our team includes experts in engineering, sales & consulting, technical drawing, assembly, manufacturing and marketing. For us, the focus is on the product, from development to production to installation - individually adapted to customer requirements.
Walk-in skylights for more daylight - Glassfloor by Heliobus


You want to make a difference and are interested in sustainable, future-oriented solutions for daylight? At Heliobus, you can expect a dynamic team of long-standing, experienced employees, but also newer, younger career starters. We work hand in hand and support each other.