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In principle, almost all light wells can be equipped with the Mirror Shaft . However, there are different requirements that influence the incidence of light and the view.

For new buildings, we recommend following the instructions for optimal dimensioning in our planning aid (page 3).

Proportional requirements

Heliobus The Daylight Company
Heliobus The Daylight Company
Construction requirements

- Light shaft "as if a conventional grating can be inserted"
- Light shaft walls must be vertical, facade offsets are possible
- Support for shaft cover must be horizontal, max. 2% slope
- Support for shaft cover must be at least 3-sided. 3-sided
- Support for shaft cover must be right-angled, rectangular and flat
- Drainage of light shaft must be ensured (concreted floor with syphoned drain is advantageous)
- Windows must be designed in conformity with standards (opening inwards / weatherboard / window sill / silicone joints)
- Mirror shafts can only be used to a limited extent with plastic light shafts
- No or small canopies are advantageous

Mass requirements

Heliobus The Daylight CompanyThe following dimensions allow a standard version. A standard version can be produced if the above requirements are met. In case of deviations, restrictions are not excluded and an object-specific solution must be manufactured.


Price enquiries

Send us the dimensions of your shaft and we will provide you with a free, non-binding quotation.


We are happy to provide you with catalogues, tender texts, .dxf files and various leaflets online.

Daylight Mobile

Still a bit undecided? No problem. Experience the effect of the mirror shaft in our daylight mobile.