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Heliobus Project Reference
Light Guide - Conducts daylight over several floors
A light guide channel for interior, enclosed rooms. Diffuse light is sufficient to ensure that there is always daylight during the day.
Daylight system for more daylight over several floors - Light Guide

Daylight solution for diffuse light distribution in the room

The main benefit of Light Guides is the cross-zonal supply of buildings with daylight, but also the contrast compensation that occurs in deep rooms. Diffuse light, which prevails when the sky is overcast, is perfectly sufficient. Direct sunlight improves the effect, but is not decisive for proper functioning.

Daylight is captured either on the façade or on the roof with special devices and transported almost loss-free over many metres via hollow light guides to where it is needed.

The targeted deflection into rooms or zones that are disadvantaged in terms of daylight is achieved by means of special light deflection modules that can also be installed in series. Not only can the quantity of light emitted be controlled, but the quality of light can also be influenced. By choosing different diffusers, it is even possible to transport sunlight and conjure it onto walls and ceilings.

Advantages of the Light Guide's
  • Diffuse light is sufficient, no direct sunlight necessary
  • Cross-zone supply of daylight both vertically and horizontally
  • Natural core zone lighting
  • Contrast compensation for deep rooms
  • Reduction of construction costs for large buildings by saving on external walls (no or fewer atriums necessary)
  • Higher rental income for office or commercial buildings thanks to more usable space (elimination of atriums)
  • Improvement of the room atmosphere due to solar radiation on ceilings or walls (optional)
  • Can be used for central lighting after nightfall
Heliobus The Daylight Company


Interior view of an entrance and a wet room supplied with Light Guide daylight.

Light Guide in historic residential building

Light Guide in historic residential building

Light Guide Supplies several floors with daylight

Problem Statement:
Little daylight on the upper floor and in the center of the house due to a traditional Bernese cripple hip roof with a low-pitched canopy.

Idea and solution by Heliobus:
Daylight is directed from a roof opening towards the south through a vertical, mirrored shaft from the attic to the upper floor and first floor. Openings with controllable light outlets supply four different rooms with daylight & sunlight.

Light control is individually controllable
A motorized light control allows the user to control the daylight as desired, e.g. maximum daylight enters one room, dimming the unused rooms slightly.

Work of Heliobus AG: conception, production and realization
Client: Private

Interior view of an entrance and a wet room supplied with Light Guide daylight.
Exterior view of a historic building project that is supplied with Light Guide daylight.
Plan view of a building that was implemented with Light Guide daylight guidance system.
View of an entrance and a wet room supplied with Light Guide daylight.


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