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Daylight calculations
Heliobus® provides daylight calculations for planners according to EU standard EN 17037 for an optimal light supply of indoor spaces.
Drawing of a daylight calculation

Daylight is a basic human need. The feel-good hormone serotonin, for example, can only be produced if there is sufficient natural light. With the new EU standard EN 17037, there is now, for the first time since 2019, a Europe-wide recommendation for minimum standards of daylight planning in buildings. Since its foundation, Heliobus® has focused on optimal light supply and daylight quality in all its daylight systems and their use.

The first EU standard on daylight in buildings

With DIN EN 17037, a European standard on daylight in indoor spaces has been published for the first time. The requirements are becoming more stringent and can possibly only be mastered by specialist planners. The standard prescribes both the quantity and quality of daylight in buildings. For information purposes, two calculation methods are described: The first is based on the determination of a daylight quotient, the second on the dynamic determination of the annual daylighting according to the climatic conditions on site. The new daylighting standard specifies criteria for assessing the supply of daylight, the view, the duration of tanning and glare in rooms. For this purpose, characteristic values are defined in the annex that must be fulfilled in each case in order to achieve the recommendation levels "Low", "Medium" or "High". The recommendation levels for daylighting are based on a level to be aimed for in planning, which is to be selected depending on the use.


Heliobus® offers planners and architects:


Daylight calculations according to EU standard EN 17 037

Heliobus® has its own software.
Developed by Dr. Paul Littlefair
Approved by BRE (Building Research Establishment)


Advice on daylighting in buildings

Implemented projects

Project: Switzerland, School and Sport Ried, realised 2019

Walk-in skylights for more daylight at school and sports Ried - Glassfloor by Heliobus AG
Walk-in skylights for more daylight in the basement at Ried School and Sports - Glassfloor by Heliobus
Walkable skylights for more daylight in the basement - Daylight sports hall in the basement - Schule und Sport Ried - Glassfloor by Heliobus AG
Project information

Community of Köniz

In collaboration with Architekturbüro:

Büning-Pfaue Kartmann Architects


Providing an underground sports hall below the break area with sufficient daylight

Proposed solution Heliobus AG

With the use of numerous, accessible skylights, the sports hall is supplied with daylight, while no areas are lost on the break area. For the optimal illumination of the sports hall with daylight, Heliobus AG carried out daylight calculations according to the EU standard (Daylight in buildings, EN 17 037). Based on the calculations, the number and dimensions of the skylights were further proposed.

Mirror reflection Mirror Shaft for subsequently more daylight in the basement - Heliobus AG

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