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Heliobus Project Reference

We are pleased to be exhibiting at the "Bauen und Modernisiern" trade fair from 8-11 September. Visit us and experience the effect of the mirror shaft live in our show mobile. 

Zurich Exhibition Centre

Dates and opening hours
8. - 11 September 2022
Thu 1pm - 8pm | Fri 10am - 6pm | Sat+Sun 10am - 5pm
Thursday entry is free!

All further visitor information can be found here.

Heliobus The Daylight Company
Building and Modernising- Zurich Exhibition Centre- Heliobus AG

Our Heliobus stand is right by the entrance to the exhibition halls

As usual, you will find us at the outdoor stand right in front of the entrance to the exhibition halls. We will be on site with our show mobile and demonstrate the before-and-after effect of the mirror shaft. Come and see us. We look forward to your visit and will be happy to advise you on site.

Experience the before and after effect of the mirror shaft live with us

In our showmobile, we simulate a basement room with two identical basement shafts. One is covered with the usual grating. The other is lined with the Mirror Shaft from Heliobus®. Via a slider we can control the incidence of light through the shafts. So you can experience the effect from dark to daylight first hand.

Heliobus The Daylight Company
Daylight in basement thanks to Mirror Shaft from Heliobus