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Heliobus Project Reference

The Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo has been held for over 15 years and is the most important international event for innovative building skins. More than 800 architects, engineers, scientists and companies from the building industry from over 50 countries networked here.

Heliobus AG, a pioneer in daylight engineering, has addressed the problem of dark interiors of high-rise buildings and offers innovative solutions for core daylighting of high-rise buildings from the facade.

Heliobus The Daylight Company

Heliobus presents its daylighting solutions and expertise in the Daylight Engineering

We present our products: Mirror Shaft and Glassfloor, as well as our expertise in the field of Daylight Engineering. In addition to our booth, we can also show in our showmobile the effect of the mirror shaft for more daylight in the basement live on site.

The inspiration for the new daylight solution via the facade is our Light Guide

Daylight system for more daylight over several floors - Light Guide

The principle of the Light Guides is also transferable to the facade and brings the following advantages:

  • natural core zone lighting of trapped interiors
  • Diffuse light is sufficient, no direct sunlight necessary
  • Contrast compensation for deep rooms
  • Reduction of construction costs for large buildings by saving on external walls (no or fewer atriums necessary)
  • Higher rental income for office or commercial buildings thanks to more usable space (elimination of atriums)
  • Improvement of the room atmosphere due to solar radiation on ceilings or walls (optional)