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Heliobus Project Reference

Light Guide in historic residential building

Light Guide Supplies several floors with daylight

Problem Statement:
Little daylight on the upper floor and in the center of the house due to a traditional Bernese cripple hip roof with a low-pitched canopy.

Idea and solution by Heliobus:
Daylight is directed from a roof opening towards the south through a vertical, mirrored shaft from the attic to the upper floor and first floor. Openings with controllable light outlets supply four different rooms with daylight & sunlight.

Light control is individually controllable
A motorized light control allows the user to control the daylight as desired, e.g. maximum daylight enters one room, dimming the unused rooms slightly.

Work of Heliobus AG: conception, production and realization
Client: Private

Interior view of an entrance and a wet room supplied with Light Guide daylight.
Exterior view of a historic building project that is supplied with Light Guide daylight.
Plan view of a building that was implemented with Light Guide daylight guidance system.
View of an entrance and a wet room supplied with Light Guide daylight.