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Heliobus Project Reference

Kindergarten in the basement with daylight

Thanks to sufficient daylight, the Nonnenbach school kindergarten can now also use the basement as a fully-fledged playroom. Five mirror shafts from Heliobus direct the daylight into the basement. The number of children at the Nonnenbach school in Kressbronn has been rising steadily for a few years. For this reason, another movement room and a small group room have been installed in the basement. Inside, the mirror shafts bring in daylight and sunlight; outside, the accessible light well covers of the mirror shafts blend harmoniously into the surroundings.
The children and teachers as well as those responsible in the community are thrilled.

Work: Concept, implementation
Client: Municipality of Kressbronn on Lake Constance

Exterior view of a light well with mirror system for more daylight in the basement
Exterior view of a light well with Heliobus mirror system for more daylight in the basement
Interior view of a kindergarten in the basement that is supplied with daylight thanks to a Heliobus Mirror Shaft.