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Heliobus Project Reference

walkable skylights for kindergarten

Four walkable skylights blend harmoniously into the playground of the new Kočevje Kindergarten building in Slovenia. The rooms below are flooded with plenty of daylight and new, exciting perspectives are created for the children. The round skylights of the Glassfloor circle design can be walked on and are slip-proof for hazard-free romping during recess. The collaboration took place with the architectural firm Svet Vmes, which has already innovatively planned and implemented numerous school projects in Slovenia.

Kindergarten playground with three children riding bicycles and playing with building blocks.
Kindergarten room with building blocks and tricycle and yellow wall, which has a round window, allowing you to see into the adjacent room.
Terrace of schoolyard around give of railing with school building in background.
Playground of kindergarten with climbing frame, where children play all around and ride on bicycles.
Schoolyard terrace with adjacent school buildings at dusk and view of surrounding city.
terrace with a children's playground, where many children with bicycles cavort, while a child looks down over the railing into the playground.
Two-story kindergarten with large playground in front with lots of meadow and blue sky.
Two pictures of a kindergarten: on the left the playground with three children playing and on the right a room with building blocks.
Two-storey kindergarten with terrace as a playground, where many children romp and play.
Outdoor playground with kindergarten with many children riding bicycles and playing with building blocks.