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Heliobus Project Reference

The basement is a great place to live

Thanks to innovative daylight solutions from Heliobus AG, the basement can be used as a fully-fledged living and working space.

By installing walk-on Glassfloor skylights in combination with innovative HeliobusMirror Shaft systems, we have created an optimal daylight supply in the basement of a private property in Switzerland. Our walk-in skylights also provide a view of the outside, which almost raises the sense of space in the basement to the level of a first floor area.

You can view the impressive result of this conversion at Video . Experience for yourself how state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated design come together to create exceptional living space.

From the initial design to the final installation, I received excellent advice and the results are simply stunning. Thanks to the daylight solutions from Heliobus, I can now use my basement as a fully-fledged living space. The rooms are flooded with daylight and feel inviting, creating a really comfortable living environment. When it comes to innovative daylight concepts, Heliobus is undoubtedly the expert of my choice

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