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  • Light well with a top profile that is wider than it is deep front to back
  • High level window aperture in the basement
  • Window profile comparable in dimension to the light well top profile
  • Good exposure to daylight at the surface of the light well
  • Light coloured decoration in the basement room
  • Energy saving construction with controlled ventilation

Daylight can be reflected down several storeys. With the correct set of parameters light can be passed down to a depth of four storeys.

The main reason for this is that all buildings and their basements are different.

A fundamental principle of the Heliobus design ethos is that all systems should be tailored to deliver maximum benefit for each and every situation.

In most normal circumstances you will be able to see the sky and clouds and any tall objects such as adjacent trees may be visible. An absolute certainty will be a clear understanding of the prevailing conditions outside.

The principle objective of the mirror shaft is the provision of daylight, ventilation and external views.

The type of mirrors employed by Heliobus are fully capable of transmitting heat contained in the infra-red spectrum of the daylight. However this is an incidental by-product of the system and does not occur in all cases.

Lighting effects

Using a Heliobus mirror shaft the quantity of light delivered through the basement window is between 30% and 50% of the light available at the surface of the light well. Conventional light wells deliver between 2% and 10%.

No, correctly specified mirror shafts located any side of the building will provide good levels of light to the basement.

Clearly any mirror shaft located within the direct trajectory of the solar path will deliver even higher levels of light.

Yes, in certain situtaions where the mirror shaft is orientated towards the sun it may be necessary to use a blind in the basement.


Yes, the design of the surface frame and mirror module provides the option of fresh air ventilation as a standard facility. How you make use of this ventilation is wholly dependent upon the circumstances of each and every project.

The quantity of air is wholly reliant upon the specific circumstances of each project, We can provide an estimate of the air flow transmission for your specific project. Equally we can design a surface frame grill to meet specific air flow criteria.


The slip resistant finish to the glass cover is essential in all high traffice pedestrian areas.

Our strip configuration minimises the impact upon light transmission. This method allows the greatest amount of light through whilst offering the best protection.

Heliobus mirror shaft systems offer greater security and burgler-prevention than the majority of available window and door systems. The use of bolted steel frames combined with bullet-proof laminated safety glass make the mirror shaft virtually impenetrable.

Yes, the laminated glass cover is capable of bearing the load of pedestrian traffic.


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