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About daylight

Natural daylight

In times when artificial light appears to be preferred over the natural cycle of day and night, workplaces with little or no daylight have practically become the norm. We spend more than 22 hours a day indoors, our awareness of the importance and quality of natural light is taking on a new meaning.

As humans, we have been accompanied and shaped by the spectrum of beautiful natural light, varying brightness levels caused by the switch between day and night, constantly changing weather conditions and the seasonal sunlight with its cyclical nature.

We are woken and innervated by the growing intensity of the morning light, the midday sun lends strength to nature and organisms, the shadows of the afternoon light evokes emotion and the colours of a sunset create dreams and longing. The often grandiose drama in the canopy of the sky combines with the earth‘s natural forces to create the basis and backdrop of our existence. That‘s why the diverse phenomena of natural cycles are omnipresent and well documented. Daylight is vital to life on our planet. Artificial light is no substitute. Heliobus® brings daylight into your house.

Daylight and health

Daylight acts as message to the senses and influences a human´s activity, motivation and counteracts fatigue. We suffer from a prolonged lack of sunlight. ur sleep and wake patterns shift, thus our body´s rhythm as well wherefore our quality of our sleep is impaired.

It is in the winter months that we experience a lack of vitality, caused mainly by low light levels. The importance of daylight to health is being lent increasing credence by the medical professions due to the increasing deficiency syndromes. Therapies involving sunlight are getting more and more acceptance. Heliobus® systems improve your health.

Daylight in architecture

Architecture is playing a key role in daylight planning. The design of our buildings, their orientation towards the sky, the facade formation and the type of sun protection must be geared towards optimized illumination. Providing thermal protection, screen and simultaneously maximal illumination result in a particular challenge.

In rooms with little or no daylight, where people dwell for longer, Heliobus® daylight systems offer numerous benefits: higher comfort level for the users, health benefits, furthermore improved efficiency, optimised use of the basement and rooms without windows creating significant cost savings, reduced energy consumption for lighting and heating, etc. The benefits are especially pronounced in compact developments.