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More daylight in the basement workshop

As part of the conversion of the elementary school, existing basement rooms were converted into classrooms. This raised the question of daylighting. Originally, excavations were planned on the north side to create two atriums. However, the necessary dimensioning of one atrium did not harmonize with the existing architecture of the staircase: the parapet around the atrium would have cut off almost half of the staircase. The solution was found with the mirror shafts from Heliobus. The workroom is supplied with sufficient daylight without any loss of space outside, i.e. the existing architecture can continue to be used optimally. The daylight supply via the mirror shafts could also be guaranteed more cost-effectively than by excavating the atrium.

Read a detailed news report on the project here. With voices of the construction planner, Rolf Borer, and the teacher for textile and technical design, Manuela Furrer.

Work of Heliobus AG: Concept and realization
Client and construction planner: Rolf Borer, Atelier für Bau & Design
Client: Community of Metzerlen-Mariastein

Workroom of an elementary school with a Mirror Shaft solution from Heliobus.
Exterior view of a Mirror Shaft system from Heliobus AG
Heliobus Mirror Shaft Solution for more daylight in the workroom of an elementary school.
Mirror Shaft Solution from Heliobus for more daylight in the workroom of an elementary school