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Heliobus Project Reference

Medical practice in basement with daylight

Dermapraxis AG in Wädenswil can now use the basement rooms as fully-fledged practice rooms thanks to the large amount of daylight that falls into them via the mirror shafts. The previously dark and thus unusable rooms for dermatological purposes were equipped with four generous mirror sh afts. The daylight basement rooms now house a day clinic, an examination room, as well as a preparation room for operations and a meeting room. Thanks to the daylight in the basement, patients as well as the staff of the dermatology practice feel comfortable.

Work of Heliobus AG: Concept and realization
Cooperation with: KillerLei AG, architecture and construction of medical and dental practices
Client: Dr. med. Beat basement, Dermapraxis AG

Practice in the basement with mirror light well system from Heliobus
Exterior shot of a house facade with walkable glass mirror light well systems from Heliobus
Meeting room of a practice in the basement with mirror light well system from Heliobus