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daylight shaft

An additional floor without conversion

What initially might sound impossible has been invented in Switzerland: a way to provide house owners with an additional floor and thus more living space. Also bringing an entire Berlin underground station to life.

This is thanks to the worldwide patented, Swiss-made daylight shafts from Heliobus that flood basement rooms with daylight. Up to 20 x stronger than artificial light. Diffuse lighting is enough here. In this way, you pretty much gain an additional floor of living space, which can be used as a children’s bedroom, office, music room or whatever takes your fancy.

Up to 20 x more daylight

Fits every shaft

More living space

How it works:

  • A mirrored module will be added to your existing light shaft.
  • Each module is custom-made and therefore can be made to fit in any shaft.
  • Assembly only takes a few hours.
  • Your room will be flooded with real daylight and you even have a view of outside.
  • Thanks to the ventilation frames, the basement is also provided with plenty of fresh air.

That’s how it goes:

  • We measure your existing shaft. Based on this, we generate your personalised quote.
  • Our daylight Mobil shows you the effect of daylight live, on site.
  • All without charge or obligation.
  • In all of Switzerland, whether at home or in your holiday home.

Before and after installation

A wellness oasis in your own home:

Nursery on basement floor:


Completed Projects

Bright break room in the basement
Hotel Säntispark wants to offer its employees a pleasant working environment. However, the break room was a thorn in their side: it was dark and uninviting.
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Hotel kitchen in the basement
The preparation kitchen for Hotel and Clinic Oberwaid is located in the basement. The Heliobus daylight shaft has been used to flood the kitchen with daylight.
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Cosy basement room
Every homeowner is familiar with the gloomy storage room in the cellar. In this case, the Heliobus daylight shaft was used to create a cosy oasis for relaxing in
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Basement bedroom
A basement bedroom, with no daylight. Not exactly ideal. The owner of this house thought so, too
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Basement bathroom
A basement bathroom needn't always be dark, and only illuminated with artificial light.
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Apartment in a split-level property
Many rooms within this apartment in split-level property are located in the dark rear section. Several Heliobus mirror modules were used to bring daylight into the property to keep these rooms bright and comfortable.
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Price enquiry

Send us the measurements of your shaft and we will generate a quote for you, free of charge and without obligation. > More information


Have a look around and see how others use the daylight shaft. > More information

Daylight Mobil

Still undecided? No problem. In our daylight Mobil, you can experience the effect of the daylight shaft. Simply arrange an appointment. Equally free of charge and without obligation. > More information