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We develop daylight solutions
- since 1999.

Heliobus® builds visionary and directs daylight into basements, basement and trapped spaces. Our daylight solutions integrate into existing architecture such as light wells, basement shafts - for an upgrade without reconstruction.

How do you combine the need for natural light with urban densification, where buildings are getting taller and closer together? Heliobus® has been developing daylight solutions for over 20 years: inspired by nature - solution-oriented for the future. The consistent use of the never-ending resource of daylight enables more effective use of space and thus creates attractive economic added value.

More daylight in basement thanks to the Mirror Shaft

A mirror module directs natural sunlight and daylight into a dark basement. The prerequisite is an existing basement shaft or light well. A walkable light well cover made of bulletproof glass replaces the grating.The most beautiful side effect is the view from the basement to the outside. The installation takes only a few hours.

Thanks to several mirror shafts, Dermapraxis AG in Wädenswil (ZH)can also use the basement as a daylight, fully-fledged practice.

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Light Pipe for more daylight - cut-out

Daylight Engineering

Daylight Engineering is the art of capturing daylight and directing it specifically where there is none or too little. Heliobus has been pioneering the development, planning and implementation of innovative daylight solutions since 1999. We advise and support architects and planners from the idea to the realisation.

Customer opinions about the Mirror Shaft

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Mirror ShaftBank

Hotel Säntispark

Mirror ShaftGastronomy

Dermapraxis AG

Daylight ShaftMedicine

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Daylight solutions with a future




Heliobus develops innovative concepts and products for sophisticated architecture. This creates completely new ways of transporting light, especially in dense construction.

Highest quality

Heliobus stands for innovative Swissness: from the idea to the assembly, we consistently rely on quality craftsmanship, a sure touch
and know-how. This is how daylight creations for the highest demands on efficiency and aesthetics are created.



With our products, functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. They blend stylishly into all spaces and building conditions.