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We present the new product line GLASSFLOOR FIRESTOP - the fire protection skylights with the highest fire protection classification up to and including REI 120-RF1. 

Unique in Europe

Europe's first certified prefabricated solution for walk-on fire protection glazing with the highest fire protection classes up to and including REI 120-RF1. Thus, the fire protection glass floors of GLASSFLOOR FIRESTOP have the highest requirements for load-bearing capacity (R), fire protection (E) and insulation (I).

Fire-protection glazing-walkable-GLASSFLOOR-FIRESTOP

VKF certified for every building category and every requirement

Heliobus_Glassfloor_Firestop_walkable skylights with fire protection

GLASSFLOOR FIRESTOP meets the building code VKFapproval in the resistance classes:

and complies with EU standards:

  • EN 1363-1 Fire resistance tests - Part 1: General requirements
  • EN 1365-2 Fire resistance testing of load-bearing components - Part 2: Ceilings and roofs

Particularly suitable for large public buildings with high fire protection requirements

Universities, museums, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shopping malls, commercial buildings as well as larger administrative buildings - GLASSFLOOR FIRESTOP is the ideal solution wherever large numbers of people congregate indoors. In multi-storey buildings,connecting corridors, hallways and staircases, where smoke and fire spread particularly quickly, are particularly exposed to high fire protection requirements.

from round to square, according to standard dimensions or made to measure

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