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With Mr. Fabian, Heliobus AG gains a competent and experienced person, who is an expert for daylighting of buildings on a theoretical level as well as on a practical level - and thus will successfully continue the core business of Heliobus AG.

Rudolf Signer hands over management to Dr. Miroslav Fabian

Since January 2023, Dr. Miroslav Fabian has taken over the management of Heliobus AG as CEO. Mr. Fabian has already been part of the management team for three years and has already helped shape the company in both strategic and operational decisions during this time. Rudolf Signer, founder of Heliobus AG, has managed the company since its founding in 1999 and is now retiring from day-to-day business. As part of the Board of Directors, Mr. Signer will continue to use his expertise and experience for the success of Heliobus AG and will assist Mr. Fabian in an advisory capacity.

Heliobus AG - new CEO - Dr. Miroslav Fabian

Mr. Miroslav Fabian (left) is the new CEO of Heliobus AG from 2023 and replaces Mr. Rudolf Signer (right).

More about the professional career of Mr. Fabian

Mr. Fabian holds a degree in civil engineering and received his PhD in daylighting for buildings during his studies in Kyoto and Bratislava. He is an active member of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), works as a reviewer for the scientific journal of the International Solar Energy Society and has designed daylighting for major buildings in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. As an expert in daylighting of buildings, he was involved in the elaboration of the European EU standard for indoor daylighting and is active as a committee member in the elaboration of other standards.

In 2016, Mr. Fabian started his career at Heliobus and has been part of the management team since 2019. He was responsible for the operational business, but also already dedicated himself to strategic tasks. In the field of product innovation, Mr. Fabian has already taken on new projects in the tradition of Heliobus AG with the goal of providing architects, planners and building owners with further innovative daylight solutions.

In short: with Mr. Fabian, Heliobus AG gains a competent and experienced person who is an expert in daylighting buildings both on a theoretical level and in practical terms - and who will thus successfully continue Heliobus AG's core business.