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The 14th International LUX EUROPA Conference will be held in Prague from September 20-22, 2022. LUX EUROPA aims to promote lighting knowledge and practice in all fields through technical, scientific and cultural links and cooperation between member countries.

About the LUX EUROPA

Every four years, the LUX EUROPA Society, consisting of 20 European lighting (technical) societies, organizes a conference on a current topic in one of its member countries. Besides information about innovative lighting technologies, scientific findings, exciting projects, the focus is also on personal exchange on a European level. LUX EUROPA aims to promote the knowledge and practice of lighting in all fields through technical, scientific and cultural links and cooperation between member countries. This year, the conference is jointly organized by the Czech (CSO) and the Slovak Lighting Technical Societies (SSTS).

14th European Lighting Conference

September 20-22, 2022

Prague - Czech Republic, Hotel Artemis

Heliobus AG is participating as Silver Sponsor

Website of the LUX EUROPA 2022

Heliobus The Daylight Company

Heliobus shares its expertise on the European stage

For Heliobus AG, as a pioneer in the development, production and installation of innovative daylighting solutions, LUX EUROPA is the perfect stomping ground. The aim of the conference is to present the latest scientific and professional knowledge and achievements in the field of light and lighting. Heliobus has been dedicated to the development of innovative daylighting solutions since 1999 and can now share its know-how and years of experience with a European audience. Last but not least, the conference also offers the chance to establish important contacts with trading companies from 20 European countries.

We present our products and expertise in the Daylight Engineering

We present our products: Mirror Shaft and Glassfloor, as well as our expertise in the field of Daylight Engineering. In addition to an indoor stand, we may also exclusively provide our showmobile in front of the convention center. We are already looking forward to showing our solution for more daylight in basement live on site in the showmobile.

Heliobus The Daylight Company
Heliobus The Daylight Company