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The LICHT 2023 in Salzburg invites all LIGHT interested parties to the dialogue at the 25th European lighting congress. Heliobus AG will also be there to present its innovative daylight solutions. Are you also on site? - Then visit us at booth no. 8 (hall SC 1st floor) or right at the main entrance in our show mobile.

Helibous AG presents daylight solutions at the LICHT2023 in Salzuburg
Heliobus The Daylight Company
Heliobus The Daylight Company
Heliobus The Daylight Company
Heliobus The Daylight Company
Heliobus The Daylight Company

The LIGHT 2023 in Salzburg

The European Lighting Technology Congress is organized by the lighting technology societies of Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The congress takes place every 3 years and the venue rotates between the 4 countries - so this year in Austria, Salzuburg.

The focus of LICHT2023 is on the dialogue between all those interested in light. The program spans a series of specialist presentations to moderated panel discussions, keynotes and impulse lectures inviting to hall discussions, to practical reports directly from operators and users always in dialogue with planners, manufacturers and installers.

The congress is aimed at lighting designers, lighting engineers, researchers, daylighting experts, operators, measurement engineers, and industry representatives.

Heliobus presents its daylight solutions

We present our products: Mirror Shaft and Glassfloor, as well as our expertise in the field of Daylight Engineering. In addition to our booth, we can also show in our showmobile the effect of the mirror shaft for more daylight in the basement live on site.

We are at booth #8, in hall SC on the second floor and our showmobile is just outside the main entrance.