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Heliobus The Daylight Company

The skylights from GLASSFLOOR achieve the highest classes according to EU standards in the product test. They were tested for air permeability, water tightness and U-value according to EN 12208, EN 12207, EN 12567-2 standards.

We test our products to be able to guarantee the best quality

At Heliobus, quality and innovation come first. Therefore, the products are constantly developed and tested for their quality and durability. This time in the test: our walkable skylights "GLASSFLOOR". The cooperation for this product test was carried out with the independent test center of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zilina - Department of Building Engineering and Urban Planning

Request certificates to verify your suppliers

Always ask for certificates and test results from the supplier, because the different values can provide information about the longevity and quality of the product. Download our latest test results from the climate chamber: Product test

GLASSFLOOR stands for quality and innovation. To keep this promise, we are always working on new solutions and testing our products according to EU standards. So that our customers can rely on the best quality products.

Impressions of GLASSFLOOR - the walkable skylights from Heliobus